Video Games

I love video games . Like on my laptop , phone or tab . So i have experience ! So here are games you can try –

For online games , you can play .io games like the most famous ones are and .

For online websites full of games , you can go to or

For other amazing games which can be downloaded too are ( my favourite )

Tanki online

Happy Wheels


What books to read?

Are you a 10 year old confused and dont find books interesting?

I can tell you what to read…

It does not depend if you are of my age as the series I read were started a long time ago. I am not just telling random books, but the ones I read, and I read a lot.

You can read Rick Riordan’s amazing series of Percy Jackson, Heroes of Olympus, Kane chronicles and Magnus Chase of Norse world. you also might like Harry potter and nowadays , this has more character based books like – The Cursed Child , Hogwarts classics etc .

Final Exam Fever..

hi friends…

are you studying hard for your final exams?

ofcourse, yes!

Tips for studying –



  • Make notes for a long or boring chapter.
  • If you don’t have the potential to study all the time, then take breaks. and in the breaks , listen to a song , go for a walk or eat something ( helps )
  • Study two hours everyday instead of studying 10 hours before the exams.
  • If you are too tired or not in a mood to do anything, then take a nap.


Hello friends, my name is Kavin Sood!


I am 11 years old, in 6th grade. I am very fond of reading books and listening to music. And this made me learn instrumental music. I am also really good in studies , and on this website , I will be telling you tips of how to survive exams ( if you are too bored , mostly ) , what books you can read and what to do in free time .